General Terms and Conditions of Contract


the General Terms And Conditions of Contract set forth herein apply to the purchase of products (educational material and services) provided by Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. (hereinafter, “ABTG”). With regard to the purchase of services, Millionaire Customers shall be eligible to use this special offer reserved for them for a period of one year from the date of signing of this Contract; upon natural expiry of this term, the login credentials to access the portal shall be revoked, and the Customer will not be eligible for a refund. Millionaire Customers shall be entitled to make use of all services that are available at the time of their enrollment, but shall not have the right to use educational and training material and/or programs that may have been introduced after that date.


the Customer must pay in full, at the time of purchase, all applicable fees due for products or services purchased. Any special offers that may provide for discounts or deferred payment options are subject to compliance by the Customer with all payment terms. Upon natural expiry of these terms, he/she shall be required to pay the full price. With regard to the purchase of training services, the amount paid does not include expenses for travel, meals, and lodging, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

Payment by Installment Plan:

with regard to Customers choosing to pay by installment plan, application approval is subject to discretionary assessment by the financial institution, for whose performance ABTG shall not be held responsible, including with regard to the timing of the approval process. Once the installment plan has been approved by the financial institution, the Customer shall be billed for the purchase price in accordance with the timing and procedure set forth in the installment plan agreement between the Customer and the financial institution. Should the financial institution reject the installment plan application, the purchase by the Customer shall be deemed abandoned, unless he/she pays the amount due by a different payment method within the set time period.


with regard to training services, for a variety of organizational reasons and/or for successful completion of training events, their date and location may be subject to change at the discretion of the organizers. In such cases, the Customer who may have already confirmed attendance shall receive notice at least five business days in advance of the event, and be automatically re-booked for the next available date. In such cases, the Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal within the next two days. In the event of an unforeseen, legitimate “just cause” occurrence (illness, grave situation due to “force majeure” circumstances, etc.), the Customer may also postpone participation in a scheduled event, for which he/she has previously confirmed attendance, to a later date, provided that notice is given within the set time period of five days prior to the date of the training event. Alternatively, he/she may transfer participation rights to another person of his/her choice, subject to written authorization from ABTG. With regard to courses, the Customer’s postponement of participation cannot exceed 12 months from the original date, under penalty of forfeiting any fees paid and/or potential revocation of his/her LifeTime Millionaire Customer status. In the event of late notice of postponement or a “no-show” by the Customer, ABTG shall reserve the right to bill the Customer for out-of-pocket participation expenses incurred. With regard to coaching hours, late notice of postponement that is given two, three or four days prior to the event, shall result in a penalty of 30 minutes, which will be deducted from the purchased package of hours. In the event notice of postponement is given the day before, or on the date of, the coaching session, a full hour will be deducted.

Withdrawal & 100% Money Back Guarantee:

the Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal, in writing, by using this form within 14 days of the educational material’s delivery date. In such cases, the educational material must be returned undamaged, in its original packaging and in an adequately protected box. Within the following 14 days, ABTG shall issue a full refund for the affected product. Should the above requirements not be met, the products will not be accepted and will be returned carriage forward to the Customer. In particular, the Customer shall not be entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal for purchases of CDs, DVDs and games, if they have been used and are no longer in their original packaging.

Exclusively with regard to courses, the right of withdrawal may be exercised no later than within the end of the opening day of the course by filling out the dedicated form, which is handed out by ABTG staffers. Upon natural expiry of this term, the Customer shall forfeit the right of withdrawal. Proper exercise of the right of withdrawal shall result in departure from the classroom, and the Customer shall be entitled to a full refund of the fees paid, with no obligation to return the educational material received. The right of withdrawal does not apply to LifeTime Millionaire Customers.

With regard to coaching sessions, the right of withdrawal may be exercised within 14 days of the date on which the initial fee was paid, regardless of it being the total or partial amount due by the Customer, by communicating it, in written form, to Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if the Customer has already started using the coaching hours prior to the deadline mentioned above.


over the course of one calendar year, the Customer who signs up for the Real Estate Millionaire, Trading Millionaire, and Business Millionaire programs, shall be entitled to re-attend the purchased program once, at no additional charge, depending on ABTG’s schedule. With regard to the AB Forex course, the Customer shall be entitled to a full refund of the participation fee paid, in the form of a voucher to be used towards the purchase of one of the coaching packages that are available at the time of the refund request, and converted to the value of the then-listed price, in the event that, within one year of the starting date of the course, he/she has not earned at least 300 percent of the pre-VAT amount paid and can provide proof of having completed at least 200 real-money transactions, without screwing up any, by correctly applying the teachings of ABTG. At the end of the year, the Customer must submit any refund request in writing, but no later than within the following 10 days. Late requests will not be accepted.

Warnings and Release from Liability:

all programs are for training and educational purposes. ABTG wishes to warn that the risk associated with investing in the stock market, real estate, and other business opportunities may result in substantial losses, up to 100 percent-plus of the invested capital. ABTG and/or the coaches will exclusively provide specific training in certain areas of interest to the Customer, who will then have to act on it, solely at his/her own risk, with due diligence and at his/her sole discretion. As a result, ABTG and/or its authorized coaches shall not be held responsible, in any way whatsoever, for any failure to meet the goals that the Customer has set, nor shall they be liable for any kind and type of consequences the Customer may face, resulting from any decisions taken following enrollment in ABTG’s training programs. As such, the Customer shall take full responsibility for the decisions he/she will take, releasing ABTG and the coaches from liability in the event of losses, damages and/or misconceptions that the Customer may face as a result of their investment activity. Moreover, the Customer shall take full responsibility for the correctness of the data provided to ABTG’s coaching staff, as well as for the lawfulness of the decisions that will actually be made.

Refund limits:

the Customer shall agree that the amount of any compensation is limited to the refund of the purchased training program’s admission fee. Higher compensation claims for economic, property or personal injury loss will not be accepted.

LifeTime Millionaire (LM Customers):

with regard to educational services, LM Customers shall be entitled to make use of all services that are available at the time of their enrollment and for the entire period of time during which they will be part of the training offer, at the sole discretion of ABTG and with no Customer’s entitlement to a refund or compensation. LM Customers shall not be entitled to be granted access to programs that may have been introduced after their enrollment. LM Customers must sign up in advance for each individual training event they wish to attend by notifying their sales representative, who shall confirm availability in writing, or otherwise propose the next available date. If the Customer, for personal reasons, cannot attend the event which he/she signed up for, written notice must be given to ABTG within 15 days of its starting date. If the Customer, despite properly completing the enrollment process, fails to attend a total of three non-consecutive sessions without giving prior notice to ABTG within the set time period, his/her LM status shall be revoked, and the Customer’s rights to a full refund of the amount paid shall be forfeited.

Confidentiality and non-competition agreement:

the educational and training material for the purchased program is exclusive property of ABTG and must not be used by the Customer for purposes other than the direct use for personal financial training. The Customer shall agree not to distribute, even for free and/or non-commercial purposes, any educational material and information received from ABTG, not to take audio/video recordings, not to conduct, nor have others conduct, even by setting up a company, courses or seminars based on said material and information that might be in direct or indirect competition with the business of ABTG. This ban shall be in effect for a period of five years from the date of signing of this Contract, and shall apply only to the entire Italian territory (including the Vatican State and the Republic of San Marino) and the European territory (including Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco). At the time of enrollment, the Customer shall be required to disclose to ABTG whether he/she is directly or indirectly involved in any competing business. In the event of violations of any of the provisions set forth in this section, the Customer shall be obligated to pay a contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 150,000, notwithstanding compensation for any further damage suffered.

Express termination clause:

compensation for any damage suffered, if the Customer is found to be promoting network marketing companies during ABTG’s training events, promoting and/or selling non-ABTG products, and recruiting members and investors for business interests unrelated to the operations of ABTG. The occurrence of such an event shall result in automatic termination of this Contract, and the Customer’s rights to a full refund of the amount paid shall be forfeited.

Transfer of contractual rights:

ABTG reserves the right to transfer this Contract, at any time, to a third party, natural or legal person, by giving notice to the Customer via email.

Court of competent jurisdiction:

The court of competent jurisdiction for any disputes shall be exclusively the Court of Milan.